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Kettle Chip Processing Line

Heat and Control Kettle Chip Fryer with ancillary equipment
The following equipment is included for in our scope of supply:
2 x “Singulator” infeed screws
Constructed in stainless steel
Variable speed controlled
Auto stop/start controlled by PLC

2 x Urschel CC slicer
Start/stop function controlled by PLC.
Run time adjustable on PLC and safeties integrated

2 x High speed infeed Belt
Constructed in stainless steel
Honeycomb stainless steel belt
Belt has telescopic travel to provide even distribution into the length of the fryer area in the fryer
Start/stop function controlled by PLC, run time adjustable.

2 x Heat and Control BF180 Kettle Fryer
All functions controlled by PLC
Travelling rake with fwd and reverse rotation.
PLC controlled Retention Gate
Stainless steel Mesh belt discharge conveyor
Weishaupt natural Gas burner (2 Million BTU

S/S Discharge Belt
Travelling Rake
Pneumatic Auto Release Gate

1 x 3M Horizontal Conveyor
Constructed in stainless steel
300mmW MW25 Solid top PP blue conveyor
40 x 40 stainless steel square tubing
Horizontal section 3M (L)
Mounted on self-levelling feet
Discharge chute included

De-oiler -Heat and Control Model CA60 Centrifuge

1 x FD800PC Continuous Flavour Drum
Constructed of all 304 stainless steel
Mounted on self-levelling feet
Angled flights pressed without welds
Stainless steel guarding on wheels

1 x Mini-Sperce Flavour Metering screw with vibrator pan spreader
All Stainless steel construction
Level inspection window on hopper
Variable speed screw
0.55Kw 380V 3ph
Vibratory spreading pan (scaaf cut) with digital amplitude control

Packaging Equipment
1 x Vertical Bucket Elevator
Stainless steel construction
Fitted with 12” Buckets
VSD controlled
Auto start and stop with manual operation from above control panel
Includes twin discharge chutes
Includes feed hopper 800mm x 800mm
0.75Kw, 80:1 gearbox

1 x 14 Head Weighing Scale
1 x Support Platform
All constructed in stainless steel
stainless steel hand railing
1 x Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machines-ModelSQPF1
Constant heat
Servo driven
User friendly in terms of application and production
Continuous operation mode
Includes 90gram forming shoulder
Maximum foil width 400mm
1 x Packet take out conveyors
1 x rotary pack-off tables
1 x Date Coder with spare head

Additional Equipment (which will then be included in the deal):
Complete Platform between the 2 Fryers
- Includes all stainless steel with s/s hand railing and stairs
- Easy access for cleaning

1 x Vertical overnight oil tank
- Inner stainless steel
- Electric elements for keeping oil warm
- Air jacket

1 x Stainless steel “Starr” Oil filter press with pump


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Heat and control BF180 fryer
Flavour Drum
Urschel CC


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