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Photographs(2) 24358  WHITE VELG Steam vacuum capper
Photographs(2) 24354  MAXITHERM 100 kW certified steam boiler
Photographs(3) 24353  AUSMADE MINI STACKER Electric Mini Stacker (Hydraulic ) - 2 available, offered seperately
Photographs(6) 24352  INIL Cap Feeder  Inclined elevator for cap feeding
Photographs(2) 24351  SOCO Case Sealer Excellent Condition As New - SS
Photographs(6) 24350  Bamtri  BG75B  High Efficiency Electrostatic Film & Sugar Coating
Photographs(4) 24349  MANESTY EXPRESS X250  MANESTY Express X250 20 Station D Tooled Tablet Press
Photographs(5) 24347  CLEARPACK-PACKMATIC  504SW25 Collator and shrink wrapper - all ss
Photographs(2) 24346  ENMIN Stainless Steel Vibratory Feeder Stainless Steel Vibratory Feeder on ss stand
Photographs(3) 24343  BOCK Salad Spinners
Photographs(6) 24342  WILLIAMS Cyclone dust extraction system
24341  Bin tipper with hopper and outfeed conveyor
Photographs(1) 24340  BOTTAZZI PACKING 9 head linear weigher
Photographs(3) 24339  JASA 350 QP-90 Form Fill and Seal used previously for packing veggies
Photographs(5) 24338  DAUMAR XARPA-31 Netting bagger for onions etc
Photographs(2) 24337  Steam Jacketted Kettle
Photographs(9) 24336  DEXION Pallet Racking
Photographs(12) 24331  RONDO COMPACT Complete Compact Artisan Bread Line available.
Photographs(3) 24330  HITTPAC AKH-025 HITTPAC 8 Dual Station Rotary Tub Filler for 97mm tubs
Photographs(4) 24329  HITTPAC AKH-023 HITTPAC 8 Dual Station Rotary Tub Filler for 77mm tubs
Photographs(7) 24328  RHEON VX432 Stress free dough feeder - near new
Photographs(11) 24327  VARIOUS Powder canning line
24326  DOLZAN 2 2 head linear weigher
Photographs(2) 24325  DOLZAN D100-2 Multihead weigher with Vertical form fill & seal
Photographs(3) 24323  ULMA VTC700 Vertical Form Fill and Seal for 140 cycles/min
Photographs(2) 24321  Food grade flat belt conveyor
Photographs(3) 24320  BAKER PERKINS Rotel Rotel 3 deck electric oven
Photographs(2) 24319  PYRO SEAL Biscuit Oven
Photographs(3) 24318  BERKEL 750L 5.5 block cutter
Photographs(4) 24317  MIMAC DA 400 Easy Drop cookie depositer
Photographs(1) 24316  THOMPSON 4000 Mincer Mixer with spare dies
Photographs(3) 24315  AMERICAN MADE Liquid Nitrogen Freezing Tunnel
Photographs(2) 24314  Mesh conveyor 1400 wide x 2200 long
Photographs(5) 24311  LASKA Stainless Steel bowl cutter, benches and Stove Tops
Photographs(3) 24309  UPMANN UPMATIC 1351 and 2112 UPMANN As new linear weigher and Bagger
Photographs(3) 24308  VARIOUS Complete packaging system with Multihead Weigher and bagger
Photographs(2) 24307  NILMA Dough O Mat C80/2GM Auto Pasta Cooker
24306  STEIN LINE - VARIOUS Complete 400 line with Koppens former
Photographs(2) 24304  NEWTEC PEB40G Carrot and Parsnip Baggers, one sold, one still available
Photographs(2) 24302  ODENBERG ATR 4008 193P Optical Sorter
Photographs(4) 24301  WESTFALIA KDA18 Quark Separator
Photographs(8) 24298  DE SMET Solvent Extraction Plant 45 tpd
Photographs(1) 24297  ATLAS COPCO FD180 Refrigerated compressed air dryer
Photographs(1) 24296  Copper coating pans, Danish Made
Photographs(3) 24294  Stainless steel pallet wrapper with check weigher
Photographs(3) 24293  STEIN 1410G 400 wide gas fryer with hold down belt
24292  CROPP ENGINEERING 2 of Crumpet Manufacturing Lines
Photographs(3) 24290  B&H BH-8000U Linear Roll Fed Labeller
Photographs(7) 24289  LAWRENCE Flour Tortilla Line
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