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Photographs(3) 24144  HARVEST AID High Volume Mango Harvester
Photographs(1) 24297  ATLAS COPCO FD180 Refrigerated compressed air dryer
23898  INCLINED AUGER All s/s unit 200mm dia with a 600mm above ground hopper.
Photographs(1) 23761  SCREW CONVEYOR 6m long all s/s with hopper infeed 150mm diameter screw
Photographs(3) 24320  BAKER PERKINS Rotel Rotel 3 deck electric oven
Photographs(4) 24070  GREER Stainless Steel enrober
Photographs(4) 24277  HOBA Holly HSA 5 Fully Automatic Bread Slicer
Photographs(4) 24317  MIMAC DA 400 Easy Drop cookie depositer
Photographs(6) 23038  Polin Biscuit Machine, Sheeter/Extruder type unit with cutter
Photographs(2) 24319  PYRO SEAL Biscuit Oven
Photographs(7) 24328  RHEON VX432 Stress free dough feeder - near new
Photographs(4) 24276  WP Bakery Group USA U shape bakery conveyor with auto tin stop
Photographs(3) 24246  VFM-30B Planetary Mixer 30 litre
Photographs(3) 24248  Double Cone Blender 1000 litre capacity
Photographs(15) 23960  AIRCHILL AEROASIA NEW Freezers, Coolers, Conveyors  NEW COMPACT Spiral Freezers, Coolers, Spiral Conveyors
Photographs(3) 24245  AVANCINI SP-120 120 kg Spiral Mixer
Photographs(4) 24379  HEAT & CONTROL GREER 400 Top and Bottom crumbing machine
Photographs(2) 24247  JH SCREW Stainless steel 150 litre hopper with 2.2 metre auger
Photographs(3) 24378  KOPPENS 600 KOPPENS 600 Batterer
Photographs(4) 23959  PASTRYMASTER PASTRYMASTER pastry brake in good working order & recently out of production.
Photographs(1) 24242  POLIN MD 390 Multidrop Cookie Cutter
24167  RHEON KN400 Encrusting machine for Bakery and Confectionery products
Photographs(4) 24168  RHEON KN300 Reconditioned Rheon with low hours
Photographs(6) 24342  WILLIAMS Cyclone dust extraction system
Photographs(7) 23990  MAXITHERM 6UDN/1000 6MW Gas Fired Steam Water Tube Boiler - 1000kPa
Photographs(3) 24257  Glass Jar Inverter
Photographs(1) 24223  ALFA LAVAL CLARA 80 Multipurpose Clarifier for Wine and other beverages
Photographs(21) 23932  AMPACK - BOSCH  4 Lane in line yoghurt filler with many extras
Photographs(3) 24290  B&H BH-8000U Linear Roll Fed Labeller
Photographs(5) 23612  Compact WVT Hi Speed wrap around labeller
Photographs(4) 24243  FLEX PACK SERIES 100 Bag in Box Filler 2 - 25 litre capacity
Photographs(2) 24226  JINRI BRGF32-10 Cancelled Project NEW 32 head monobloc filler/capper
Photographs(3) 24370  KRONES Used PET Water Bottling Line / Bottle Blow Molder through Pallet Wrapper.
Photographs(6) 24211  MEYER/ZALKIN 72 head filler with Capper
Photographs(12) 24129  VARIOUS BOTTLING LINE FOR GLASS - HOTFILL Complete bottling line for hot fill liquid products – from infeed to palletiser - BARGAIN
24003  VARIOUS Complete High speed PET Bottling Line 36,000 BPH
23266  Various Bottling Lines
23724  Various Bottling Canning & Packaging Equipment
Photographs(3) 24255  VB YB FI 144 Vacuum capper with infeed conveyor and washer on outfeed conveyor
Photographs(8) 23848  VOLPAK Twin head bag in box or bladder filler
22672  Fillers/Cappers/Seamers
Photographs(5) 24134  GOETZ 12P Canning line
Photographs(11) 24327  VARIOUS Powder canning line
Photographs(6) 24030  ALFA LAVAL BDB 104 Separator for Biodiesel manufacture
Photographs(2) 23476  Alfa Laval MAB 103 / 104 / MAPX 204/205 / MAPX 207 / 309  Reconditioned Separators
23193  Alfa Laval Various Models Reconditioned Separators
Photographs(2) 23645  Alfa Laval MAB-104 Separator Modules
23695  Alfa Laval FOPX 610 FOPX 609 WHPX 409  Separators available, more models to suit your application
23183  Alfa Laval Various Models Alfa Laval Separators - Reconditioned
Photographs(4) 23811  Alfa Laval BWPX 307 TGD-71  Reconditioned Separator
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