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Photographs(3) 23922  Bulk Feed Hoppers 8 tonne
Photographs(6) 24280  BOTTAZZI PACKING Onion grading and packing line
Photographs(4) 24253  JASA 350 QP FFS for vegetable etc.
Photographs(2) 23166  PMD Refrigerated Packing Line
Photographs(3) 24252  Length sizer suitable for vegetables
Photographs(2) 23942  Rod Washers
Photographs(2) 21953  Grip top flat belt conveyor
Photographs(1) 22952  AHPS  AHS 400 Heat Pump Drier
Photographs(3) 24250  EDP Lift Roller sizer for vegetables
Photographs(7) 23217  FRESHLINE - SOLD AVS500 Automatic Vacuum Packaging System - SOLD
Photographs(2) 21952  Henley  Paddle Track Elevator
Photographs(4) 8698  Magnusson 3860001.0103 Carrot top, tail & increment cutter
24268  NEWTEC PEB40G Carrot and Parsnip Baggers
Photographs(3) 24251  ODENBERG ATR 4008 193P Optical Sorter
Photographs(4) 8644  Turatti 96 16 4 Water Blancher
24254  WYMA WH A Vegetable Polishers
Photographs(6) 24261  TURATTI/CAMEL Hot or Cold Wash System for Salads and Vegetables
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