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Photographs(1) 24297  ATLAS COPCO FD180 Refrigerated compressed air dryer
Photographs(15) 23960  AIRCHILL AEROASIA NEW Freezers, Coolers, Conveyors  NEW COMPACT Spiral Freezers, Coolers, Spiral Conveyors
Photographs(1) 23547  Grasso RC 611 HEAVY INDUSTRIAL GRASSO RC 611 PLANT (NH3)
Photographs(1) 23548  Grasso S3 INDUSTRIAL GRASSO NH3 IN-FREEZE PLANT
Photographs(5) 24256  COOLING TUNNEL - 1,5 wide x 14.5m long plastic belt
Photographs(5) 20960  Horizontal Plate Freezer
Photographs(4) 24269  Refrigerated cooling tunnel
Photographs(3) 23257  BAC RCT2320-1 BAC Cooling towers - hardly used
24172  Cooling Tunnel Cooling Tunnel
Photographs(5) 24181  COOLING TUNNEL AUSMADE Spray Cooling Tunnel - 17m long x 500mm wide x 140mm clearance height
Photographs(2) 23539  COPELAND KIRBY Refrigeration Compressors & Evaporators
Photographs(1) 24216  FRIGOSCANDIA PRIMO IQF Multipurpose Flow Freezer 2-500 kg/hour product dependent.
Photographs(1) 23530  Grasso WD-3B Grasso W3 Screw Package 460 kW at -40/+40C
Photographs(1) 23532  Grasso V2 Refrigeration Compressor
Photographs(3) 23533  Jackstone Jackstone Vertical Plate Freezers
Photographs(4) 22211  Kirby and Munters NRC 493VPLC and NCR 10 Air Cooled Condensor - c/w Evaporative Pre Cooler
Photographs(4) 24055  MECPARMA MECAIR MA400-16-1-F Spiral Cooler 16 tiers
Photographs(6) 23446  MULLER COPELAND  Freezer Drive In Type
Photographs(2) 22188  Pioneer Double Sided, 4 Door Fridge
Photographs(5) 23531  Sabroe VMY-436M-MK2.5 Sabroe Waterchiller 3140 kW
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