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Photographs(15) 23960  AIRCHILL AEROASIA NEW Freezers, Coolers, Conveyors  NEW COMPACT Spiral Freezers, Coolers, Spiral Conveyors
Photographs(1) 23547  Grasso RC 611 HEAVY INDUSTRIAL GRASSO RC 611 PLANT (NH3)
Photographs(1) 23548  Grasso S3 INDUSTRIAL GRASSO NH3 IN-FREEZE PLANT
Photographs(1) 23869  Cool Room
Photographs(1) 23870  Display Fridge
Photographs(1) 23871  Display Freezer
4603  ACRMMH2 Refrigerator
Photographs(5) 20960  Horizontal Plate Freezer
Photographs(5) 24256  COOLING TUNNEL - 1,5 wide x 14.5m long plastic belt
Photographs(4) 24269  Refrigerated cooling tunnel
Photographs(3) 23257  BAC RCT2320-1 BAC Cooling towers - hardly used
Photographs(6) 23574  BITZER OSK 7051 Screw Compressor Refrigeration package
Photographs(1) 23857  BUFFALO TRIDENT KK42-10-3  Unused Evaporative Cooler will suit ref 23852
Photographs(1) 20550  Buffalo-Trident Air Cooled Condensers
Photographs(6) 23852  CARRIER 5H66 Refrigeration Compressor Pack, unused
24172  Cooling Tunnel Cooling Tunnel
Photographs(5) 24181  COOLING TUNNEL AUSMADE Spray Cooling Tunnel - 17m long x 500mm wide x 140mm clearance height
7332  Copeland B3DC3-1000 EW-848 Refrigeration Compressors - Single Unit
Photographs(2) 23539  COPELAND KIRBY Refrigeration Compressors & Evaporators
Photographs(1) 20541  Copelematic 45L3-1500-L50 Semi Hermetic Compressor
7336  Copelmatic 6R21-3000-FSD Refrigeration - Twin units
7331  Copelmatic 4RHI 2500 FSD Refigeration Compressors - Twin Unit
Photographs(1) 8557  Freshline WSH04 Chiller
Photographs(6) 24036  FRIGOSCANDIA GCP42 Gyrocompact spiral with 420mm o/a self stacking belt. 300-900 kg/hr
Photographs(1) 24216  FRIGOSCANDIA PRIMO IQF Multipurpose Flow Freezer 2-500 kg/hour product dependent.
Photographs(6) 23999  FRIGRITE BITZER Medium Temperature Refrigeration Rack
Photographs(1) 23532  Grasso V2 Refrigeration Compressor
Photographs(1) 23530  Grasso WD-3B Grasso W3 Screw Package 460 kW at -40/+40C
Photographs(3) 23533  Jackstone Jackstone Vertical Plate Freezers
21315  Jackstone Froster Automatic horizontal plate freezer - LARGE
Photographs(4) 22211  Kirby and Munters NRC 493VPLC and NCR 10 Air Cooled Condensor - c/w Evaporative Pre Cooler
Photographs(2) 20096  Kryospray Mini-Batch 510 Batch Quick Freezer
Photographs(4) 24055  MECPARMA MECAIR MA400-16-1-F Spiral Cooler 16 tiers
Photographs(6) 23446  MULLER COPELAND  Freezer Drive In Type
Photographs(2) 22188  Pioneer Double Sided, 4 Door Fridge
Photographs(5) 23531  Sabroe VMY-436M-MK2.5 Sabroe Waterchiller 3140 kW
Photographs(3) 24214  SHANGHAI CANDY CO Near New Cooling Tunnel
Photographs(9) 23035  Staff Ice Systems SPS3000 Ice Maker - Output 2800 kgs/24 hrs c/w refrigeration, all VGC
Photographs(1) 20556  Trane 2 x 22kW Water Chilling set
23474  Various Freon condensers - various makes
Photographs(2) 23178  Yuting YT 120TS CE Water Chiller
24105  GREER Spiral Freezer cooler
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