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Photographs(3) 23776  Baker Perkins Integra Bread Roll Line
23780  CASA HERERA VARIOUS Complete Flour Tortilla Line - SOLD
24292  CROPP ENGINEERING 2 of Crumpet Manufacturing Lines
Photographs(5) 23964  FASA PM Biscuit packaging machine
Photographs(2) 24287  GOUET MECATHERM Stone Oven 12.5 metres long, great for bread and pizza
24070  GREER Stainless Steel enrober
Photographs(6) 23651  HM 769 Multi purpose dumpling forming machine
Photographs(4) 24277  HOBA Holly HSA 5 Fully Automatic Bread Slicer
Photographs(3) 23036  Kinkel Single Head Depositor
Photographs(3) 24281  LEONDA Gas Fired Tunnel Oven
Photographs(6) 23038  Polin Biscuit Machine, Sheeter/Extruder type unit with cutter
Photographs(3) 23542  Purpose Built 4 head twin lane inline hot sauce depositor
Photographs(7) 24113  RADEMAKER Versatile Pastry Line For Sale - sausage roll etc.
Photographs(12) 23159  RHEON N207 Encrusting machine
Photographs(3) 20161  Rheon KN400 Rheon Fully Reconditioned Encrusting Machines
Photographs(4) 20203  Rheon N207, N208, KN111, KN120, KN200, KN300 Encrusting machines
20568  Rheon  KN207 SS Fully Reconditioned Encrusting Machine
21033  Rheon Moon Cake and Maamoul Producing Line
Photographs(3) 21065  Rheon KN400 KN400 Encrusting Machine
Photographs(3) 22993  Rijkaart Guillotine for bakery products
Photographs(3) 24071  RIJKAART Deegpomp Dough Pump
Photographs(6) 24103  RINC Automatic Sheet and Cut Dough Laminating Line
24029  RONDO Pastry Making Business FOR SALE
23575  RONDO/RYKAART/HAAS Various Bakery lines ex Europe
Photographs(14) 24275  SABITECH Complete Pita bread line
Photographs(5) 24270  Sasib/Ryjkaart Pizza Line
24069  SOLLICH Enrober
Photographs(2) 24282  WESMARTIN LEONDA TPC3 WESMARTIN LEONDA gas fired tunnel oven
Photographs(4) 24276  WP Bakery Group USA U shape bakery conveyor with auto tin stop
Photographs(1) 24042  WESMARTIN LEONDA 8M long x 3M wide gas fired tunnel oven all s/s - MUST BE SOLD
Photographs(11) 23984  KREBS Vacuum mixing system, complete, twin deposting stations, conveyor etc
Photographs(2) 24043  AUSMADE Conveyor - gooseneck. Im x 4m x 1m. 300mm wide plastic cleated belt
Photographs(10) 24155  MEINCKE INT 1101 - STEEL BAND BELT Continuous steel band belt oven for biscuits, snack bars, sponge cakes, cakes, banana bread and baking etc.
Photographs(5) 23768  RONCAGLIA Set of two flour or grain roller mills
Photographs(3) 24219  BAKERMIX Dough Mixer
Photographs(7) 23820  SILO 50 TON 2 x 50 Ton Flour Silo's and 3 Ton Supply Silo - excellent cond. Melbourne area
Photographs(9) 23983  TREIF DIVIDER 400 Slicer for meat, sausages, cheese, fish or bakery goods. A1 Condition
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