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Photographs(1) 23794  Votator type scraped surface Heat Exchanger
Photographs(1) 22710  Alfa Laval Contherm 6 X 9 Vertical scraped surface unit with lifting post
Photographs(1) 22898  Alfa Laval Gaskets and Plates
Photographs(4) 23082  Alfa Laval Titanium Plates
Photographs(3) 23167  Alfa Laval M3, M6 & M10 Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers
Photographs(2) 23190  Alfa Laval A15B Titanium HX Plates
23191  Alfa Laval AX30 & M30 Heat Exchanger Gaskets
2259  Alpha Laval P 13 - RB BW 2033 - 2078 44E 72 Plates
Photographs(1) 24009  APV T884SSNN Contherm style Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers
Photographs(1) 24148  AQUA HEAT TPC LNE 800 Thermal Fluid Heater
Photographs(2) 22963  Convap Contherm 6x3 SOLD-SOLD-SOLD - ANOTHER WANTED - Scraped surface heat exchanger with vacuum facility
Photographs(10) 23818  FENCO Steriliser Tube in Tube Sterilizer, suitable for paste
Photographs(1) 24152  HIPEX Tube in Tube heat exchanger
Photographs(6) 7415  Vicarb T830 Graphite Heat Exchanger
Photographs(2) 23483  White Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers
Photographs(2) 21716  Zanussi 241200 Gas Oven & trays
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