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Photographs(7) 23820  SILO 50 TON 2 x 50 Ton Flour Silo's and 3 Ton Supply Silo - excellent cond. Melbourne area
Photographs(3) 22207  S/S Square Tank
Photographs(4) 23133  S/s Jacketed Square Tank
266  1,780 L Tank - rectangular. 2200mm Long x 900mm Wide x 900mm Diameter
Photographs(6) 24236  ANDERSON Various stainless steel tanks
Photographs(7) 22974  FKC/YANAGIYA  3200L S/S Stirring Tanks
Photographs(3) 23731  TANK (1off) 2500 Lt Soft Cheese mixing tank with paddles
Photographs(1) 23732  TANK (1off) 17,800 Lt Tieman single skin s/s tank
Photographs(1) 23737  TANK (3 off) 16, 700 Lt horizontal
Photographs(7) 23713  TANK 12,000 L jacketed Cheese Processing tanks, suit many industries
Photographs(10) 23350  Velo SST 50 5,000 L SS Jacketed Tank
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