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Photographs(5) 23964  FASA PM Biscuit packaging machine
Photographs(3) 24290  B&H BH-8000U Linear Roll Fed Labeller
Photographs(5) 23612  Compact WVT Hi Speed wrap around labeller
24193  KRONES Checkmat 730 Label, Cap and filler inspection system
Photographs(1) 23945  FASA DSU Case Packer for butter
Photographs(3) 23963  FASA RE Butter repackaging line
Photographs(5) 23273  Doboy (USA) Complete line for packing snack bars at 250 ppm
Photographs(1) 23951  FASA OR3E Pouch Filling machine
Photographs(1) 23948  FASA ARU Processed cheese filling and wrapping machine
Photographs(3) 23241  L.E STOTT LTD Filling & Weighing System
Photographs(5) 23996  ROMTECHNICS Twin Sided Labeler on ss conveyor
Photographs(1) 23592  Fitzmill Stainless Steel Fitzmill and Auger
Photographs(1) 20639  Korina Packaging Filled Bun
21387  Hot Sleeving Tunnel
Photographs(2) 24063  Case Erector
24170  Rotary packing table Rotary packing table - SOLD
Photographs(1) 23900  ALPHA-PACK Single lane stick pack machine - volumetric weigher and printer
Photographs(1) 24111  BENHIL 8311 Butter Packer
Photographs(6) 23458  Berchi M5 FULLY RECONDITIONED carton packer for bottles
Photographs(6) 24280  BOTTAZZI PACKING Onion grading and packing line
Photographs(3) 22179  C&T - Japan THP600 High speed mini servo wrapper lines - incl infeed and collating section
2305  Certus Top loading carton packer
Photographs(6) 23851  CFS TIROMAT Star 2S Tray Sealing machine
Photographs(2) 22507  DFC Packaging Equipment L Bar Sealer - in good working order
Photographs(1) 23757  Dominioni DoMoPak MAP Tray Sealing machine
Photographs(4) 24068  Dominioni Semi auto tray sealer
Photographs(24) 23816  DOUGLAS WRAP AROUND CASE PACKER Continuous Motion Wrap around Case Packer - Tray Former, Loader
Photographs(6) 7961  Douglas Machine 3-18 Continuous Motion Wrap Around Case Packer
23877  EASY PRINT HM300 Print and Apply Carton Labeller
23834  Econoseal E System 2000 Auto horizontal cartoner
1636  Edson Case Packer, partly built
1637  Edson Case Packer, partly built
Photographs(4) 23991  ERC XL SEALER Semi Automatic Extra Large L Bar Tray Sealer
Photographs(1) 23950  FASA ORP Thermoformer - with Form Fill & Seal
Photographs(1) 23952  FASA KI Enrobing and Packing line
Photographs(3) 23912  FASA ARM Butter Packaging machines
Photographs(6) 23462  Formost JV-60 Gentle Product Handling Bagger
1631  Frapack Frapack Step Down Twin Toilet Roll Packet Caser
24044  GLOBUS KS500 Tray Sealing machine
Photographs(1) 23625  HELIX ATS 600 Semi auto Tray Tub Sealer
Photographs(12) 22208  Ilapak - Delta 2000 SB Flow Wrapper with MAP vac/gas flush
Photographs(1) 23904  IWAKURO 3 lane stick pack machine, volumetric filler. Was doing 85mm x 20mm packs
Photographs(6) 21957  Iwema VA - 300 - 650/24 Heat Shrink Tunnel
24173  JAPANESE Hot Foil Printer
Photographs(4) 24253  JASA 350 QP FFS for vegetable etc.
Photographs(4) 23828  Jordan JM143 Tray Sealer
Photographs(2) 21514  Kawashima  KBF110 Vertical Form Fill & Seal machine
Photographs(5) 22924  Kliklok HSK 11095 High speed horizontal cartoner - set up for pizza - 100 ppm
Photographs(3) 22989  KLIKLOK SR Cartoner
Photographs(4) 21303  Kotobuki Model GPR2  5kg and 10kg packs, film is a sock (no back seam)
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