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255  Brevato 3 VVS Dicer Dicer - for frozen product, made by Velati, Italy
7334  Formaco Marinade Filteration Unit
Photographs(2) 24079  HELPER Bin Tipper for 200 kg tote bins - s/s
987  Iozzelli Sausage Vacuum Filler - 80mm dia sausage
Photographs(3) 7304  Palmia  Type Y407 16 inch Frozen Block Grinder
985  Parmenggani Mincer - 125mm barrel
Photographs(1) 22622  RISCO 104 High Speed Linker
Photographs(2) 22623  RISCO RS4001 Vacuum Filler
Photographs(5) 22552  Stork Protocon MRS 20P Cannon type Bone seperators currently used on chicken - 2 available
986  Velati Bacon Derinder
23580  WEILER 150mm Weiler grinder/mincer - two on offer, one as spares
Photographs(3) 23856  HANDTMANN VF20-300 Vacuum Filler with bin hoist
Photographs(6) 23832  Ross C770N Tenderise, flatten and cube
Photographs(9) 23983  TREIF DIVIDER 400 Slicer for meat, sausages, cheese, fish or bakery goods. A1 Condition
Photographs(5) 24238  DOLESCHAL Smoke Units
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