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Photographs(3) 24281  LEONDA Gas Fired Tunnel Oven
Photographs(1) 24042  WESMARTIN LEONDA 8M long x 3M wide gas fired tunnel oven all s/s - MUST BE SOLD
23833  Dominioni Punto & Pasta Miniline Pasta line- multipurpose
23924  Stainless Steel Vessel 750 litre
Photographs(6) 23926  500 litre Jacketted Kettle with scraped surface agitator
Photographs(3) 24073  AUSMADE Griller/Oven for Burgers Etc
Photographs(3) 24074  AUSMADE Steamer - 8 tier high - 2 off available
Photographs(4) 24266  BCH-UK Complete 100 kg Batch Vacuum Cooker system
Photographs(8) 24267  BMC 1000 litre Stainless steel scraped surface cooking pot
Photographs(2) 23925  CP ENGINEERING 750 litre Jacketted Kettle
23923  CP ENGINEERING 750 litre Jacketted vessel
Photographs(9) 23883  FMC 800L scraped surface jacketed kettles. Bottom mounted scrapers
Photographs(6) 24220  FOOD MACHINES AUST BR 300G Tilting Kettle
Photographs(2) 23111  GARNEY 80L Jacket Kettle
Photographs(3) 24061  HILLS & MILLS Tilting Kettle with double moption agitator
Photographs(12) 23997  IOPAK VARIOUS SOLD - enquire about upcoming cookchill systems - As new Iopak Cooking Cooling System 1000L complete - BARGAIN
Photographs(3) 24225  KOPPENS BR1800/400 400 wide electric continuous fryer
Photographs(10) 24155  MEINCKE INT 1101 - STEEL BAND BELT Continuous steel band belt oven for biscuits, snack bars, sponge cakes, cakes, banana bread and baking etc.
Photographs(1) 24132  MERCER 2500 litre Steam Pressure Cooker
Photographs(21) 24109  PASTA LINES  COMPLETE BUSINESS Complete dry pasta lines - Italian Equipment mostly - GLUTEN FREE CAPABLE
Photographs(6) 23513  RATIONAL CD20 Combi-Steamer Oven
Photographs(2) 23758  Rational CCM S01 Combi Oven
Photographs(9) 23975  STEPHAN VACUTHERM SYSTEM V-MC 400/150 Stephan vacutherm complete - all ss - NOW SOLD JULY 2014
Photographs(5) 23865  SVEDA DAHLIN V40 Twin rack oven as new
Photographs(6) 23691  MEYN - PROVATEC Complete 400mm frying line (electric fryer) with former
23962  UNKNOWN Breader Batter and Frying Line - 250mm wide - BEST OFFER TAKES
Photographs(3) 24072  GEA- CFS Koppens  BR4500/600  Automated oil fryer for flash or deep frying of coated and uncoated products.
Photographs(1) 24156  CLEVELAND MKDL 60T Steam Jacketted Kettle
Photographs(4) 23992  HILLS & MILLS 450L ss Jacketed Kettle with agitator
Photographs(3) 23644  LEE 100 D9MT 450L scraped surface contra rotating kettle
23619  UNKNOWN 1,200L Kettle, steam jacketed, hemisphericle bottom
Photographs(5) 23864  FMC SuperAgi™  Agitating Batch Retorts - latest technology in rotary retorts (2 off available)
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