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Photographs(3) 23934  Mild Steel scraped surface kettle
Photographs(6) 24220  FOOD MACHINES AUST BR 300G Tilting Kettle
Photographs(2) 23111  GARNEY 80L Jacket Kettle
Photographs(12) 23997  IOPAK VARIOUS SOLD - enquire about upcoming cookchill systems - As new Iopak Cooking Cooling System 1000L complete - BARGAIN
Photographs(1) 24156  CLEVELAND MKDL 60T Steam Jacketted Kettle
Photographs(4) 23992  HILLS & MILLS 450L ss Jacketed Kettle with agitator
Photographs(3) 23644  LEE 100 D9MT 450L scraped surface contra rotating kettle
23619  UNKNOWN 1,200L Kettle, steam jacketed, hemisphericle bottom
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