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Make : Various
Description : Bottling Canning & Packaging Equipment
Detail Info.: With current exchange rates, there has never been a better time to buy ex USA.

Tray Erectors Case Erectors & Sealers

used SWF Tray Erector Hot Glue, model Tray Matic 1T6K, SN 6175 with Nordson 3500 Hot Glue System
used ABC Packaging Case Erector Gluer, model 230HM , SN 22813, Nordson 3400 hot melt unit.
used Wexxar Case Erector Gluer, Model ABF G, SN 381 C, Missing Glue Unit
used SWF Tray Erector model 1T4, SN A4244 SWF hot glue system
used Elliott Case Sealer Top Taper model 85AT
used Elliott Case Sealer Top Gluer, model 11MTM1N1, Includes Nordson 2302 Hot Melt Glue System.
used PEARSON Case Sealer Top Gluer, model 401, YOM 97, SN 9704018676, A B PLC, Rated 50 cpm, Nordson 2300 Hot Glue w pattern
used 3M Case Sealer Taper, model 800RF, top and bottom automatic random case sealer; automatically adjusts for various case size.
used Pearson Case Sealer Top Gluer model FLA1500, SN 9704018676, YOM 97, 480v AB 160
used Wexxar Case Sealer Top Gluer, YOM 1997, Model TB 6, SN 286 B, Nordson 2002 hot melt. Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1000

Fillers Bottle & Can
used Vir Mauri Triblock Rinser Isobaric Bottle Filler Corker, manufactured 1998. 12 stn Poggio Rinser 16 valve Filler single head Arol Corker
filler is counter pressure with pre evacuation. Two sets of bottle handling parts are included. Last running wine and Champaign.
used Linker Equipment Tri Block Pressure Gravity Filler, Rinser Filler Capper, model PG RFC 60 72 20, Year of Mfg 2006.
used Cemac Franz BottleFiller 21 valve Gallon Pitch with Cap Snap Selector set on 38mm Snap Cap
used Krones 54 valve Bottle Filler Vacuum, 5""centers, model ACCUVAC VV 54 126, SN 323 101, new in 1996. Last filling 750ml wine bottles.
used Crown Cork & Seal 45 V Bottle Filler Alcoa 6 Head Capper Turret Carbonated Beverage Filler. Last ran carbonated soft drink
used Fogg 44v Fogg Filler w 16 HD Zalkin Capping turret (P N P) set for 26.7mm plastic flat caps. Last running 500ml. 11.8 oz gram bottles.
used H&K KHS 92 Valve Can Filler, model CF92, SN CF 92 203, set on 202 ends 211 body. YOM 1992, 480 3 60. Last running carbonated soft drink.
used Crown 72v Can Filler, Century 72, Counter pressure, set on 202 ends 211 body cans 12 oz. YOM '91. Sold only with our Angelus 120L seamer
used Krones 36 valve Bottle Filler (counter pressure) 9 HD Zalkin Capper, YOM 94, SN K121 580. Last CSD PET & glass plastic 28mm flat caps.

Cappers Seamers

used Alcoa 4 Head Capper Freestanding Cap In Head, model B 121 4, YOM 1995. Set up on plastic 38mm screw caps.
used Zalkin 6 Head Rotary Capper Freestanding Pick N Place, CAE F 6 360, YOM 2003, all SST with SS cap elevator. Set on 33mm caps
used Zalkin 8 head Rotary Capper Freestanding includes change parts for 28mm & 38mm aluminum ROPP, Model CA8.
used Zalkin 10 Head Rotary Capper Freestanding Pick N Place, model CA10 600 NG, SN 23239, Set on 43mm plastic caps, 600 NG, YOM 1996
used Kaps All Capper, In Line, model G, SN 1974. Last running 38mm plastic screw caps.
used Zalkin 12 head Capper Freestanding module built by Meyer Mfg for model Tri Star 52 12 Filler. includes hopper & sorter, set for 38mm
used Angelus Can Seamer, model 121L GA 124, SN 12215791, YOM 1991, set on 12 oz aluminum cans, 202 ends 211 body.
Complete with Electrical Control Panel, sound abatement chamber and can transfer. Will be sold as ""pair"" with above mentioned Crown Can Filler.

used Krones Canmatic Rotary Hot Melt Labeler Cut & Stack, Canmatic 18 Stn, SN 73 P96, YOM 2002, A B SLC PLC..Oriented counter clockwise
used Krones Solomatic Labeler, Cold Glue, Solomatic Model 1240 20 6 4 5 4, S N 19 362, 20 Station, 1240mm Pitch, Front & Back label
used B&H Labeler Rollfeed In Line Hot Glue Wrap Around, model BH2000 RCO, SN 2123 0997 1014L. Last running PET bottles
used Trine Labeler Rollfeed In Line Hot Glue Wrap Around, model 4500 Change parts for 12oz., 500ml. 750ml, 1.0 ltr. and 1,5 ltr.
used PE Rotary Labeler Pressure Sensitive model M S 25T 960 3E, SN Y27101401, dual agregate for Front Back labeling applications.
used Kosme Rotary Labeler 32 stn. Pressure Sensitive, Spear 1280 32T 56E, SN 4171. Set for front, back & neck labels, 5"" pitch. YOM 2005
used Comag Stretch Sleeve Labeler Model SLC 200, SN 523, runs PET, PE, PCV or Glass containers, wet or dry.
used Universal Labeling Systems Labeler, In Line Pressure Sensitive Front & Back, Model CTV 784PJ, rated 1500 inches per minute.

Tray Packers and Case Packers
used Hartness Servo Case Packer, model 2800, SN 28 157, MFG '02, Lowering head, 40 cpm, AB Logix 5555 PLC& 1394 Servo Controls Panelview View 1000
used Hartness Servo Case Packer model 2900 with servo lane feed, SN 29 002; A B 5 03 PLC, YOM 2005
used Hartness Case Packer Continuous Motion, model 2600 SST Frame, YOM 1995, SN 26 126, A B SLC 5 04, 1.0 liter packing head included.
used Simplimatic (SECO) B&B Remanufacture Case Packer Double Drop Remanufactured 2002, SLC 5 04
used Kisters Kayat Tray Former Loader Packer, Model TP 50, A B SLC 5 04, 460 Volt, 3 Ph, 60 Hz, Nordson Glue. Last running bottles and cans loose and 6 pack.
used Kisters Kayat Tray Former Loader Packer, Model PTF28, A B SLC 5 03, 480 Volt, 3 Ph, 60 Hz, Nordson Hot Glue System. Last ran water bottles into trays.
used Douglas Continuous motion corrugated case tray packer, model CMWACP '95, rated at 70 TPM. Capable of running trays & wrap around cases

Shrink Film Wrappers
used Arpac Tray Shrink Wrapper w integrated Tunnel, model 55 36, SN R204, 36"" Seal Bar, 17.5"" bar clear.A B SLC 500 PLC, 460 3 60
used Arpac Tray Shrink Wrapper Tunnel, Model 45TW 28, A B SLC PLC, 460v 3ph 60hz, touch pad control, 28 wide seal bar, Dual Roll clear film only.
used PMI Tray Shrink Wrapper Tunnel, model SIC 30, Clear film only 28 seal bar, Allen Bradley PLC, 480V 3ph 60Hz electrics
used Poly Pack Shrink Wrapper Clear Film CFH 32 40, SN 3022. 230v 3ph 60hz, YOM 2000, Continuous motion wrapper with in line infeed capable
used Douglas Tray Shrink Wrapper model S 75 Contour , printed or clear film, rated 70 TPM , built and installed in 2005

Palletizers Depalletizers Unscramblers
used Posimat Bottle Unscrambler Master 15 (M15), YOM 1995, SN 9445. integrated vacuum discharge conveyor, no bottle hopper elevator
used Posimat Bottle Unscrambler, Master 30 (M30), YOM 1995, with bottle hopper elevator and vacuum discharge bottle conveyor
used Posimat Bottle Unscrambler Maxi, YOM 1992, SN 8493, YOM 1992. Last running non round PET and HDPE bottles. Many change parts available.
used Pace Bottle Unscrambler model CP4, SN 827. Built in 1990. Last running 22 oz or 32 oz F style bottles. 230 VAC 3 ph power.
used Hartness Bulk Bottle Depalletizer Low Level, Model 1425, SN 14 011, Slip Sheet Removal & Empty Pallet Stacker. Allen Bradley Controller
used Mathews Case Palletizer High Lever, model WR3, set 40x48 with Allen Bradley controls (two available).
used Orion Packaging Pallet Stretch Wrapper, model FA 55, 8068468, A B SLC 5 00PLC , 230VAC 60Hz electrics, Includes full pallet conveyors

Contact : John Leigh
 Location : AIR - USA    


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