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Model : EUROPA SERIES 100l
Description : Inject Star 1000L vacuum tumbler with jacket cooling.
Detail Info.: Europa Series
The Europa series of products from Inject Star is made with container sizes of 620 to 3.300 liters. The machines are designed for massaging meat with and without bones, using a special baffle. The product is moved across the special baffle to provide efficient protein activation, and massaging in a rotating, sliding, and slipping movement.The system is driven by a frequency controlled motor via friction rollers.
The container is emptied by rotating it to the left.The ISC-B20 computer controls serve as both input and display elements. The parameters relevant to a product are requested in a logical sequence in the input menu, and acknowledged by the operating personnel after they are entered. Up to 99 production programs can be created and stored. The programmable parameters, including all optional versions, are:
Massaging speed
Massaging duration
Direction of rotation
Processing time
Rest time

Model: Europa Series
Size/Capacity: 1000L
Condition: Used

Call Alan Travell on +61 0418 617 753
Contact : Alan Travell
 Location : AIR -    
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