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Make : BCH-UK
Description : Complete 100 kg Batch Vacuum Cooker system
Detail Info.: 100kg batch vacuum cooker. This cooking vessel prepares fondant and other types of icings in one vessel only and could be turned down to a 60kg batch capacity if necessary.
Ingredients are manually fed into cooker.

Type 100 litre, stainless steel, steam jacketed, vacuum vessel with dished bottom and dished top. 500mm diameter.
Steam Jacket Jacketed on the base and sides for 8 bar steam. Supplied with auto on/off steam valve and condensate trap. Not insulated.
Agitator Close fitting anchor agitator fitted with 3kW inverter speed controlled geared motor. Drive speed controlled between 30 and 90rpm. High shear mixing achieved by agitator working against robust stationary dagger installed through the hollow drive shaft.
Lid Dished lid fitted with mounting for agitator drive containing lip seal, site light, 50mm diameter vapour exhaust, 150mm pneumatic butterfly valve for ingredient feed and auto vacuum break valve.
Temperature The dagger contains a PT100 temperature probe for temperature control.
Mounting Mounted inside a stainless steel, open box section frame. Mounting frame also supports vacuum system and control panel.
Vacuum System Liquid ring vacuum pump containing stainless steel rotor and case and a plate heat exchanger condenser. Mounted off vessel support frame. Vacuum pump fitted with seal water recovery and circulation system. Condenser requires client supplied cooling water at <30C and 100kW capacity. Vacuum pump requires occasional feed of mains water to flush out seal system.
Discharge 100mm diameter, pneumatically operated butterfly valve welded into base of vessel at a height of 500mm above floor level. Allows for discharge into client supplied containers.
Control Panel Skid mounted to equipment. Mild steel painted panel containing Procon process controller, 3 speed selector switch for agitator (via Mitsubishi inverter) and 2 set point cook/cool West temperature controller to automatically control atmospheric cook temperature followed by vacuum cool temperature. Contains all necessary switch and protection equipment to control the vessel and the sugar feeder.

Services & equipments Required to be connected to main machine:
Required Power ; 400/3/50 Volts, 5kW.
Steam Boiler : 8 bar, 100kg/hr.
Tower Cooling water ; <30C, 100kW (9000 litres/hr with 10C temp rise for 3 minutes every hour 50mm connection.)
Compressed ; 5 bar, small usage for valves.

Complete with steam boiler, chiller and air compresser.
Contact : John Leigh
 Location : AIR -    
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