HEAT & CONTROL Kettle Chip Line Complete


HEAT & CONTROL Kettle Chip Line Complete


Kettle Chip Processing Line Description Heat and Control Kettle Chip Fryer with ancillary equipment The following equipment is included for in our scope of supply: PROCESS EQUIPMENT • 2 x “Singulator” infeed screws • Constructed in stainless steel • Variable speed controlled • Auto stop/start controlled by PLC • 2 x Urschel CC slicer • Start/stop function controlled by PLC. • Run time adjustable on PLC and safeties integrated • 2 x High speed infeed Belt • Constructed in stainless steel • Honeycomb stainless steel belt • Belt has telescopic travel to provide even distribution into the length of the fryer area in the fryer • Start/stop function controlled by PLC, run time adjustable. • 2 x Heat and Control BF180 Kettle Fryer • All functions controlled by PLC • Travelling rake with fwd and reverse rotation. • PLC controlled Retention Gate • Stainless steel Mesh belt discharge conveyor • Weishaupt natural Gas burner (2 Million BTU • S/S Discharge Belt • Travelling Rake • Pneumatic Auto Release Gate • 1 x 3M Horizontal Conveyor Contact John Leigh to discuss this line or tell him what you’re looking for. WE ARE ALWAYS INTERESTED IN ANY USED EQUIPMENT YOU MAY HAVE FOR SALE


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