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Complete Factory for Panel Housing-Panelized buildings.
Complete Insulated Steel Panel for Housing Factory. Quick affordable housing.
Has American Standard Testing Laboratories certification and
State of California Fire Marshall Approval.
Specifications at:
It includes all the equipment, enough raw material to test, teach the buyer at the destination.
Panelized sections are steel pockets filled with polyurethane for high insulation.
Panels lock together to make walls or roof or fence.
Factory packaged and ready to be shipped.

The panel is 1’ft (12 inches) wide to 20’ft long maximum
Presses are:
2 presses 20’ft. long each
2 presses16’ ft. long each
1 press 12’ft. long
Panels are cut to specification length, either for walls, roof or fencing.
Aluminum caps for each exposed cap i.e. roof or fencing.
One roll form “A” and one roll form “B”
Production capacity: An 8-hour shift produces 1,215 linear feet of panels.
You will need 3-5 workers per shift
All equipment in very good working condition and ready for production.
All equipment to manufacture panels are included except polyurethane pump which the foam supplier either gives it for free or leases it at nominal cost.
Requires 7,500 sq. ft. to 10,000 sq. ft. factory space.
All equipment can be shipped in one 40 ft high cube dry container.

Seller will provide the following documents if purchased for export:
Paid and Certified Invoice, Certificate of Origin, Bill of Lading, Manifest
Choice of languages/translated: English, French & Spanish
Will provide referral for Freight Forwarder.
Seller collects California Sales Tax. All exempt transactions must provide copy of Resale Number
No sales tax on exported sale.


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