FMC MTEG/Goetz Canning lines 12P

No longer available

FMC MTEG/Goetz Canning lines 12P


There are 4 canning lines that have just become available

Each line has the filler and seamer with ancillary equipment.

The fillers are Bingham/FMC and the Can Seamers are GOETZ 12P'S, with driven foot plates

Seamers would be similar to an Angelus 61H seamer

The can seamers have

driven foot plates and can run up to 600 cans/min.




Make:                                     Goetz

Model:                                              12P

Number Of Seaming Stations:       6

Output Speed Range:                    225-600 cpm

Min / Max Can Diameter:    200 - 404

Horsepower / Electrical:                  11-15KW

Filler Drive:                            1 Rev / Can


The lines are in very good working order, immaculately kept and maintained.

3 Lines were doing metal cans, 1 line was doing plastic cans.


There is a high speed shrink sleeving system as well for the plastic cans as well as depalletisers, case packers and checkweighers, inkjets, etc.

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ManufacturerFMC MTEG/Goetz Canning lines
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