Solid Precision Shrink Sleeve Labeller FSB-60 | NSV-400 | NSTS-3000


Solid Precision Shrink Sleeve Labeller FSB-60 | NSV-400 | NSTS-3000



Solid Precision Shrink Sleeve Labeller with Film Reservoir,

Applicator and Shrink Tunnel FSB-60 | NSV-400 | NSTS-3000 -220v 50hZ




Automatic Sleeve Applicator



Steam Tunnel:



415V 50Gz

58PIS steam power

415V 50Gz

Product Features

1. Variable production speed ramp up and down

2. Has a capacity of 6 sets of recipes, reduce change-over time and input errors

3. User friendly Human Machine Interface - provides instant feedback on status and

errors, allows user to easily operate and address any issues occurred.

4. Easy and fast change-over with mandrel and cutter

5. Rotory blade design, provides fast and accurate cutting with minimal hairlines

6. Compact design with small footprint, easily cleaned and wipe-down

7. Stainless steel structure and surface with aluminium parts, meets food packaging


8. Modulated design for easy assemble, disassemble, repair, and maintain

9. Material/Film shortage forecast, error feedback and error log maximize production

monitoring and efficiency

10. High mechanical guarding and electrical safety standards


Product Rate

100-300 pcs per min depending on container shape and size.

Sleeve Size

Lay-flat Size: Min. 80mm to Max. 160mm or size as per your order in original specification.

Height: Min. 50mm to Max. 200mm or size as per your order in original specification

Sleeve/Band Materials

To ensure efficient operation of the machine, the lay-flat material must meet the following specification: no creases, even thickness distribution, straight and flat, not elastic, or stretchy, smooth surface with a small seam overlap if any Flat Creases

If the material is flattened with too greater pressure, molecular damage occurs at the creases on either side of the flat width. In extreme cases the material can split at the crease, but in general terms this heavy creasing will prove detrimental to the machine operation especially on heavier materials i.e., 0.05, 0.07 and 0.075 mm.

NSV-400 is designed to operate with material thickness of 0. 035 ~ 0. 075 mm.

Product Size

Product diameter - size as per your order in original specification

Product Height - 250mm maximum (based on 900mm conveyor height)

Product Pitch

Product must be supplied pitched before presenting to the sleeving head.

Product Centralizing (Guide Belts)

o Product can be centralized, where required, by a set of guiding belts acting as a centralizer unit mounted to the conveyor. The belt will also reduce product movement and eliminate product accumulations under shooting head.

o The machine is not protected from build back of product from a subsequent machine.

o A constant flow of product is needed. No undue pressure of product must be allowed to affect the operation of the pitching/centralizer mechanisms.

Steam Tunnels

o Shrinking is achieved by Steam, manifold through a series of pipes designed to suit the product. Steam tunnels are constructed on adjustable framework systems which fit around the conveyor belt.

o Maximum product diameter: 130mm

o Maximum product height: 300mm.

Wipedown System/Brushes

o Wipedown System or Brushes are a set of rubber bands fixed on a central axis.

which is driven by a small electric AC motor.

o Wipedown or Brushing is achieved by rotating soft rubber flails or bands to create friction and drag the sleeve downwards on to the desired position.

Applicator Operating Principle and Concepts

1. NSV-400 is designed to sleeve or band round or certain non-circular products.

2. Lay flat sleeving material is fed from a spool, situated at the side of the machine, across guide rollers to the film sensor and into the cutting unit.

3. Rubber friction bands positioned on a servo motor-controlled film slack driver, feed the material on demand. The feed cycle is initiated by a photo electric switch. The photoelectric switch is activated by the applicating driver which ultimately delivers the cut sleeves/band onto the product.

4. Before reaching the cutting unit, the flat tube of film is spread out by a mandrel.

5. The material must be able to take sufficient stress and strain to ensure non breakage while going through a mandrel.

6. The cutting unit contains six sets of rotating blades to cut sleeves/bands.

7. Control of the feed length is via an impulse base system or by photo registration on printed material.

8. The applicating driver, and hence the sleeving operation, is initiated by a photoelectric switch situated on the main unit.

 Model:FSB-60 | NSV-400 | NSTS-3000

Serial Number:31010702-3193-1|2|3



ManufacturerSolid Precision Shrink Sleeve Labeller
ModelFSB-60 | NSV-400 | NSTS-3000
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