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8 x plastic ASA flexible doors - IN GOOD CONDITION

Offer highly efficent solutions against noise, dust, tempertature or vermin

Discover an important breakthrough in Rapid Auto-Roll Technology with opening and closing speeds of up to 1.8m/sec, these fast roller doors can provide a highly efficient solution to your opening.

Rapid Auto Roll Doors, also maybe referred to as high speed roll doors, fast industrial doors, fast doors, or even zippy doors, are commonly used to control climate conditions of your workspace, warehouse, process room, cleanroom, or workshop.

By customising the design, they satisfy requirements as cleanroom doors, coolroom doors, freezer doors, carpark doors, warehouse doors, carwash doors, mine doors, to name a few.



This model uses German technology from GfA's-Elektromaten with the option to suit either single phase, or 3 phase power supply. A lot of various options are available, in fact the door if fully customizable, including:

·        Panels material / colour;

·        Extra aluminium intermediate rails to face highly windly environments;

·        Battery backup systems for black-out situations;

·        Traffic lights;

·        Sirens;

·        Different activations options and more;

·        Maintenance suggesting light.


These allow you to maximise your goals (like temperature / insect control, sound proofing, etc.) optimising your traffic through and near the door.

Besides using our heavy duty fire retardant and UV stabilised Protex panel along with aluminium coloumns extrusions, this door is ideal for internal or external applications up to 10sqm - and POA beyond that.

The GfA TS971 controller is part of the motor kit and it offers fully programmable features to suit at best customers' requirements. It can fit tiny installation areas with it's 155w x 386h x 90d mm sizes.

We guarantee a very top of the range with an exceptionally low maintenance product, however we do suggest an either 6 monthly or a cycle basis service.

Last but not less important, because we care about safety, our doors come as standard with a Safety Light Curtain sensor; it is almost 2100mm high and it is supplied as a pair with a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter projects an array of parallel infrared light beams to the receiver which consists of a number of photoelectric cells, When an object breaks one or more of the beams a stop signal is sent to the control box which will reverse the movement of the door bringing it back to the top position and holding it there for as long as those beams are interrupted.


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