COMPLETE MARGARINE LINE VARIOUS - including Hunter 4 lane tub filler

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The line was running up until about 12 months ago.
The company was making margarine from Rice Bran Oil but this line can make margarine from most edible oils such as Canola, Avocado, Sunflower Oil etc.

The owners recently spent $280,000 upgrading the line controls, PLC and interface recently to automate the line.
The reason for selling is that the new owners of the business have decided this is no longer core business for them.

The finished margarine was filled into square shaped plastic tubs with a paper over-leaf and plastic lid.
The tub filler is a 4 lane HUNTER tub filler from NZ with recent upgrades to the 4 head filler control for higher accuracy and speed.

System is comprised of:
1. Bulk holding tanks
2. Pumps with jacketed pipework
3. Mixing Tanks
4. Scrape Surface Heat Exchangers
5. Holding Tanks
6. Transfer Pumps
7. Main control Panel with PLC Control
8. 4 Lane HUNTER tub filler with paper over-leaf applicator and plastic lid system.

The services such as hot water, chilled water, glycol, steam and air are being retained as they are part of the main factory services.

Capacity of line is around 2 ton/hr product dependent


ManufacturerCOMPLETE MARGARINE LINE VARIOUS - including Hunter 4 lane tub filler
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