A$750,000 (AUD)


1000 POUND PER HOUR CORN CHIP LINE A complete 1000 pound an hour corn chip line (without toasting oven). AVAILABLE IN JANUARY 2020 Expressions of interest invited. It is all new machinery on the back end and pre owned JC FORD sheeter, Heat and Control cc1.0 fryer. Casa Herrera grinder.. EQUIPMENT LIST 1 x 250kg/batch Electric Cooking Pot  Constructed in stainless steel  Variable speed mixer with fixed blade baffle plate  3kW three phase inverter  Includes probe and controller  Pneumatic dump valve 1 x Quench Tank  Stainless steel construction  Fitted with ball valve water top up  Includes rinsing spray ball  65mm ball valve on outlet 1 x Infeed and Discharge Pipeline  Stainless steel dairy tubing 65mm  65mm Butterfly valves on infeed and 65mm ball valves with intermittent unions on discharge.  Fitted with solenoid valve controlled push water on discharge lines  Pipe supports and pipe clamps included. 2 x corn transfer Pumps  Mounted on s/s frame  1 pump vsd controlled 1 x 65mm Re-inforced Flexible Hose  Smooth interior finish  Clear tube to allow product movement inspection 12 x Vertical Soak Tanks ±850L Capacity  Stainless steel tanks with Conical bottom (angle designed for corn)  Inlet ports for air agitation 12 x Overflow Boxes/Downpipes for Effluent 1 x Platform, Handrailing and Stairs for Tanks, washer and grinder  Platform constructed in stainless steel  Open grid moulded fibre glass on walking areas  Handrailing in tubular stainless steel 1 x Balance Hopper with Feed Screw  Manufactured in stainless steel  Variable speed controlled 1 x Continuous Rotary Washer (New)  All stainless steel construction  Perforated stainless steel screen drum  Internal helical spiral in stainless steel  Stainless steel hinged hood  Solenoid water inlet valve 1 x Wash Section Control Panel (New)  Control panel to auto function control water inlet to rotary washer  Pump feed and start/stop operation by demand from grinder  Inverter speed control of infeed screw into washer  Auto function control start/stop rotary washer  Auto function start/stop of dewatering conveyor  Main power isolation switch 1 x Incline Dewatering Screw Conveyor  Manufactured in stainless steel  Easy opening bottom water tray  Tri-clover clamps to open screw for cleaning 1 x 50HP Corn Grinder  Fitted with top mounted screw feed hopper, VSD controlled  Fitted with level control photocell  1 set grind stones included 1 x Massa Feeder  All Stainless Steel construction  Double co-rotating feed screws  VSD controlled  3Hp 380V drive 1 x Double Roll Sheeter (pre-owned)  Includes all controls  Includes 1 cutter of customers choice  Mesh belt discharge conveyor  Make: JC FORD USA  Variable speed controlled 1 x Heat and Control Fryer Model CC1.0 for Corn Chips (Pre-owned)  Details as per Heat and Control name plate in pics  Does not include chimney stack or insulation of pipework 1 x Rotary Filter  Constructed in stainless steel  Includes air knife self-cleaning system and self-contained air blower  Fines removal screw incorporated  Fixed speed drive with ultrafine mesh to remove coarse solid particles 1 x Heat and control Heat Exchanger (Pre-owned)  Heat exchanger coils manufactured in schedule 10 stainless steel for long life operation  Painted outer shell  Blast safety hatch installed.  Interconnecting piping manufactured in stainless steel, coupled with union for easy re-installation  Fitted with pressure gauge.  Fitted with electronic pressure sensor and interlocked with burner control for safety.  Supplied with NEW gas burner. (LPG) – Client can request change to burner. Gas train not included, unless requested at additional fee.  Does not include chimney stack or insulation of pipework 1 x Main Oil Circulation Pump and Piping 1 x Stainless Steel Overnight Oil Tank with Auto Oil Level Control 1 x Atmospheric Cooling Conveyor  Constructed in Stainless Steel  Modular rigid high temperature perforated PVC Belt, blue.  900mmW x 3.8M 1 x Vertical Bucket Elevator  Stainless steel construction  Fitted with 12” Buckets  VSD controlled  Auto start and stop with manual operation from above control panel  Includes discharge chute. 1 x Bulk buffering Bin  Stainless steel 430 construction  Inspection window installed 1 x 4 Point Distribution system with automation panel 4 x FD800SP Continuous Flavour Drums  Frame constructed of all 304 stainless steel  Drum constructed in stainless steel  Mounted on self-leveling feet  Angled flights pressed without welds  Stainless steel guarding on wheels  Retention cone end, to increase coating time, included


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