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Encrusting machine
This unit was last used to wrap rice dough & beans paste.
This one compact machine serves three functions of dividing,forming and filling. The weight of products and producing speed and ratio of casing and filling can be adjustable.
Product weight range:10-300g
Capacity : 40-80 pcs/min
Machine dimension approx :2060mm (L) x 1160mm (W) x 1350mm (H)
Machine weigh approx :500kg
Power supply: 1.75KW
Typical products:moon cake, maamoul, kebal, coxinha, potato bread, gingerbread, bread, meat pie, treacle-cake, pizza toast, ice box cookies, cookies, mini pizza, pineapple cake, poundcake, fish paste, pierogie, knodel, Scotch egg, Chinese steamed meat bun, red bean paste bun, etc.


Stock Number23159
Output40-80 pcs/min