FLEX PACK SERIES 100 Bottling and Bevereage


FLEX PACK SERIES 100 Bottling and Bevereage


Bag in Box Filler 2 - 25 litre capacity This unit is capable of filling most liquids into bags, pails and drums. Capacity 2 - 25 litres Filling speed up to 8 x 4 litre bags per minute under optimum conditions. OPERATION DESCRIPTION A manual single head filler. An operator (hand) loads a bag into the bag holder and initiates a fill cycle. 'The mechanism features a moving head which is manually operated to decap and recap the bag. A sanitary stainless steel fill head seats onto the bag spout when filling. Batch control is achieved with a high speed counter being fed signals from the sanitary flow-meter. Adjustable timers, fill volume and other critical control steps within the programme are accessed using a touch pad which is rated Nema4/IP65. TYPICAL PRODUCT APPLICATIONS wine, water, fruit juices, post mix syrup, oils, milk products, chemicals fillers are designed & manufactured in Melbourne, Australia . they are built from stainless steel components


ManufacturerFLEX PACK
ModelSERIES 100
Stock Number24243