CONVAP ETC 6X9 Complete Plants & Lines


COMPLETE STOCK REDUCTION PLANT This is a complete stock reduction plant with the central item being the Convap,scraped surface heat exchanger. .Plant consists of WORKING PRINCIPLE OF CONVAP The product is pumped into the lower end of the CONVAP heat exchange cylinder. Heating media flows in the annular space between the heat-transfer wall and the insulated jacket. Mechanical agitation,provided by the revolving blades, creates the conduction and convection conditions required for heat transfer. The scraping blades, centrifugal action of the rotor, and vacuum all contribute to vaporization which occurs in the custom designed vapour dome. APPLICATION The CONVAP, a modified CONTHERM, functions as a compact, scraped-surface evaporator. It is particularly suited for concentrating viscous, sticky or heat sensitive products, and is normally operated under vacuum conditions as the final evaporation stage to achieve very high concentrations of solids.


ManufacturerCONVAP ETC
Stock Number24288