DORIT VV -2- 300 Horizontal Vacuum Tumbler

DORIT VV -2- 300 Horizontal Vacuum Tumbler

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This tumbler has a maximum capacity of up to 300kg product- dependent.

Ideal for a variety of applications

Massaging of cooked cured products

Salt impregnation

Braising and in-depth salting of dry-cured products

Dry salting

Seasoning and marinating

Game and goulash

Mixing of salads, dressings and sauces

Seasoning and processing of fish and seafood products

Horizontal rotating drum with 3-point support on a solid frame with front end loading and automatically discharges when shifting from forward to reverse.

Stainless steel - easy to wash and clean 

Can be used in the Coolroom or in a room temperature environment 

The control box requires a little TLC - we just have not used it for a while since the upgrade. 


Brand Dorit 

Type: VV-2-300 

Serial 207

Phase: 3 phase 

Power 415V , 50Hz 

Weight 310 kg 

Dimensions 1400x900x1550 mm

Works well we have just upgraded to a 1 tonne refrigerated unit. 


ModelVV -2- 300 Horizontal Vacuum Tumbler
Stock Number24555