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IQF Multipurpose Flow Freezer 2-500 kg/hour product dependent.
This unit has just become available and was originally built by Frigoscandia for small to medium enterprises,
but a few major manufactures also bought them because of their versatility
Year of manufacture -1997
Multi purpose belt freezer that can be used as a fluidised bed or straight upflow/downflow tunnel freezer.
Flat plastic food grade belt
Unit is hydraulically driven and includes power pack
Dimensions overall 3.2 x 4.8m
Belt +- 1m wide x 5m long
Curtain entrance and exit
Specs from the Manual are as follows
Output 300-500 kg/hr, product dependent
Temp in +15C
Temp out -18C
Refrigeration required for above duty
Base load 25Kw
Base load incl – peas 75 Kw
Base load incl – Hamburgers 35Kw
Max power consumption 22Kw
Please note, unit does not include refrigeration.
Technical Specifications
Freezing Systems, Inc. Single Pass “Econo” Modular Freezer Box with Stainless Steel Belt.
Conveyor belt width: 26 in.


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