MEYN BR400/6000MS Fryer

MEYN BR400/6000MS Fryer

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6 meter fryer A fantastic machine. Used for less than 2 years. The fryer according to my technician who inspected the fryer this week, is in absolutely fabulous condition. It had only been used for months rather than years and has been sitting there because the owners wanted a very high price. Only now that the price has come down as the owners no longer wish to pursue their original plan to expand their business. This machine which is thermal oil heated, was used to make tempura coated products of 500 to 600 kg per hour 6 meter total length with 4m cooking length, Thermal oil. Inclusive boiler and chimneys, External Oil Filter, Oil Tanks, Hold Down Belt and Teflon Infeed. really fantastic condition. 400mm wide.


Stock Number24100