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(1) are placed onto a wire-mesh belt, which is covered in
crumb and where a layer of crumb is applied to their undersides
– underbed
(2). As they pass the storage hopper
(3a/3b), they are covered with crumb – top bed.
(4) A pressure roller or an optional vibrating plate ensures better
adhesion of the crumb to the product. Excess crumb falls at point A
onto the return section of the wire-mesh belt and is transported
towards the elevating drum.
(5) The blower unit removes excess crumb from the product.
(6) Crumbed or Breaded products leave the machine via the outfeed or via an
optional outfeed conveyor.
The returned crumb is distributed by a
bottom slide.
(7) Part of the crumb is reused to form the underbed; the
rest is lifted by the elevating drum into the storage hopper (3a).
The storage hopper consists of two compartments (3a/3b), one part
for the storage of used crumb from the elevating drum; the other for
fresh crumb. The supply of crumb from both compartments can be
regulated by slides.

For perfectly coated products
The diversity of cultures worldwide contributes to a multiplicity of
products and to enormous differences in the way in which they are
prepared and when they are consumed. Differing cultures also bring
with them an increasingly diverse range of snacks and meal
components. This has led among other things to a large number of
different coatings applied both to chicken parts and to formed
products. RotoCrumb from Townsend Further Processing is suitable
for the handling of a wide range of types of crumb and products.

Attractive appearance
A breaded product must look good. This is of importance during the
buying process, during preparation and during final consumption of
the product. RotoCrumb ensures that products look really perfect
after breading. In concrete terms this means uniform distribution of
crumb over all surfaces of the product, whilst keeping the structure
of the crumb intact during the process. The problems and negative
side effects associated with grinding and separation are solved in
this way.


ModelRotoCrumb TRC 630
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