2014 MAKUM Rotary Tray Fill & Seal Machine

A$170,000 (AUD)

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Just became available .
Cost over $450,000 when new, barely 6 years old and has seen little use since
being in service.

Rotary 2 cavity cold fill and heat seal machine with CIP
Product Density:0.95 to 1.05
Batch size: 1000 litres
Tray Specification: Tray @ 245g or 310g with 2 cavity filling;
192mm x 110mm 34/45mm, R12 radius at 4 corner in PP/Moplen EP 300H material.
Tray can be converted to Cup with change parts.
Film specification: Stock reel with BOPET, PA EVOH adhesive resin, LLPE, PE, universal sealing layer
Material loading Freq: Automatic tray magazine loading with 30 mins runtime
Utility Requirement:415 Vac 3 phase, 20 amp Niminal 6 bar.
Outfeed conveyor: 1.5 metre
Compliance to AS3000, AS4024 Electrical and guarding Standard, SS304 & SS316 machine execution

Machine Perfomance:
Nominal Speed: 30-40 trays per minute
Filling Accuracy: mini Cpk 1.33 +/1 1% of net weight
Sealing Accuracy: <2mm offset reference to tray dimension
Quality: < 0.2 for under/over fill


ManufacturerMAKUM Rotary Tray Fill & Seal Machine
Stock Number24424