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Machine Capability

Machine OEM: Teralba Industries Pty Ltd

Machine Type: Continuous mixing system with CIP

Product Density: 0.95 to 1.05

Batch Size : 2 tank of 1200 Litres each

- Mixing vessel with straight wall, half lid opening allow manual tipping of ingredient and enclosed cone bottom.

- The ingredient manual tipped via 1” mesh

- Cold and hot mixing via jacket. Capability for heating with water up to 95 deg C and cooling to 10 deg C. Dimple plate jacket to be rated to 3 bar.

- Tank insulated on side & bottom with 50 thick Rockwool and covered in a fully welded stainless steel sheath.

- Centrally mounted agitator on pipe support bridge with shaft entry through centre of mixing vessel and arranged with flinger.

- Vessel supported on four tubular stainless steel legs.

- Vessel wetted parts constructed from SS316 grade stainless steel,

- Primary Agitator with integrated drive; geared motor, running at fixed speed of 15rpm, coupled to anchor stirrer, fitted with hinged PTFE scraper blades arranged to wipe sides & bottom of vessel, up to half way of vertical strake.

- Secondary agitator fitted offset to centre to be variable speed turbine mixer with high speed shaft located at footstep bearing. Turbines are four blades, pitch blade impellers arranged on shaft to pump product downwards providing circulation through the vessel. Designed to run concurrently with main mixer.

- SEW Eurodrive fitted with SEW TEFC/IP54 motors


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