SETON'S MINIMAX 4 across Sausage Roll Line

SETON'S MINIMAX 4 across Sausage Roll Line

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Sausage Roll/Pie Machine for Sale!


Optimized Belt Dimensions: 600mm width and approximately 3000mm length, providing ample space for efficient production.

Precise Filler Speed Control: Managed by an advanced Invertek VSD Optidrive, ensuring accuracy and consistency in filling.

Controlled Conveyor Belt Speed: Another Invertek VSD Optidrive manages the conveyor belt speed, enhancing productivity.

Safety First: Equipped with safety relays and door switches throughout, prioritizing a secure working environment.

Simple Control Wiring: No complex PLC involved, ensuring straightforward control wiring for ease of operation.

Visualize the Machine: Attached photos offer a glimpse into the quality and functionality this machine offers.

Ideal for: Small to medium-scale production environments aiming for efficiency without compromising safety.

Last Run June 2023. Never had any issues running, just the products running were delisted.


Rolls per minute is around 32 per min with 4 heads. Excluding Pastry changeover times. 


Was purchased for $72k and since invested over $10k in upgrading safety controls.


ModelMINIMAX 4 across Sausage Roll Line
Stock Number24599