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The line is designed to slice avocados in half right through the seed.


The set up was as follows.


Fruit was tipped into a "wet Dump" area where the fruit went into a sanitising bath, it then travelled up into an inspection area where any fruit that was too hard/soft or defected was graded out. The fruit then travelled onto a conveyor section that fed into the MIMSA line.


The MIMSA line's infeed separates the fruit to ensure only 1 piece of fruit travels through the cutter at a time. The cutter is a large spinning circular blade that slices straight through the avocado including the seed.


The avocado halves travel onto the conveyor section that has a standing platform either side. there are 5 stations each side with their own waste shoot which feeds onto another conveyor at the bottom of the MIMSA line to take the waste away.


The top conveyor is split into two sections, the middle separation is for the scooped out avocado and the main belt section is for the skins to stay on. We had people standing either side of the machine who manually removed the half pip and discarded it down the shoot, scooped out the avocado from the cut half with a large spoon and put it in the middle section of the large conveyor, then left the skins on the main part of  the conveyor to go to a soft separator to remove the left over avocado from the skins.


The avocado travelled to large vacuum blenders that then blended the avocado into a chunky pulp whilst vacuuming the as much air out of the pulp as possible.


The line could be used for just halves, or potentially for halves to then be sliced into pieces.

Note however that slicing ripe avocado is best done with the fruit is slightly frozen to avoid mashing it.



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